What is Contextualize definition/concept

The term contextualize refers to the fact of adding a situation, event or discourse to the environment in which it is inserted. Thus, this expression is fundamentally due to the discursive environment, where a given text produces a certain meaning for the other. The fact of contextualizing is important for an adequate meaning assignment, so that only certain circumstances can be understood. Given the above, this term has a varied use, but it is always limited in the ability to understand something in relation to what surrounds it.

From the point of view of discourse, it can be said that contextualizing is placing one text within another based on a certain theme. In this sense, we can highlight Mikhail Bakhtin‘s observations on discursive genres. According to their statements, each discourse is subject to a certain type of rules and interacts with other discourses on the same topic. A clear example of a philosophical discourse: when it deals with themes directly or indirectly, it refers to other discourses that previously belonged to the same theme. Thus, one can debate other statements and approaches, clear up doubts, acquire tradition, etc. In a way, it can be said that its meaning can be determined by other discourses. Contextualize

What was clear is that it is impossible to understand a given text without understanding its context. Perhaps at present it is difficult to evidence this observation, but this circumstance happens because we do not deeply know the context of the discourses presented daily. Thinking about a work from the past, which was written in a culture different from ours, we can only understand it if we have previously acquired some kind of knowledge about that culture. An example of this situation is offered in the short story by Jorge Luis Borges “A Busca de Averroes”, which deals with failureof an Arab sage when explaining what tragedy and comedy meant, a circumstance explained by his lack of knowledge of Greek culture; this failure was due precisely to the fact that it was impossible to be in a context. Contextualize

The fact of contextualizing, as suggested, can also be used when one wants to make a judgment about a certain event or situation. In this case, the judgment must consider the circumstances of an event so that it can be understood deeply afterwards. Contextualize

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