What is Conjecture/meaning/concept

When a statement is based on evidence and not certainties, we are faced with a conjecture. In fact, the verb to conjecture means to suppose, which is the opposite of knowing .

Examples of conjecture in common situations

By imagining that something will happen based on an intuition, this idea establishes a conjecture. The same happens when there is a feeling and from that it is said that something will happen. Thus, all ideas that are not evaluated with objective data are somehow just guesses.

We often use conjectures in everyday language , more often called assumptions. When you say: “I wish Real Madrid win the championship” I express a wish and a personal opinion. conjecture

Let’s suppose that a director of a Spanish hotel chain claims that he will have a very good tourist season because he will receive many English people to spend their holidays in Spain, as the British economy has been improving in recent years. This type of planning is an assumption, as this idea does not establish any certainty. Consequently, the director’s opinion needs foundation and is no more than a probability.

In the legal area

Every judgment presents arguments for or against and must be accompanied by specific and objective data. If the arguments presented are not supported by precise data, these arguments can be discarded, as they are conjectures (assumptions) and not facts. A conjecture may be true, but this requires some conclusive proof to back it up. conjecture

Conjectures in Mathematics

Some mathematical ideas are presented as initially unsolved problems, also called conjectures. Thus, mathematical conjectures become riddles whose resolution seems unattainable. In other words, these are mathematical statements that are apparently true, but which do not yet have a rigorous proof.

Certainties versus Conjectures

In the face of the doubt that accompanies any conjecture, there is certainty. To say that something is right or true means that there can be no doubt about it. Scientific knowledge is the only one that has the purpose of making totally true claims. The truth of science is based on contrasting hypotheses, checking facts, theories and laws based on objective and demonstrable data. conjecture

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