What is Conflict of Interest/meaning/concept

A person has a conflict when he feels upset for some reason, such as a setback in an economic situation or a broken love affair. The term conflict of interest is used to refer to the confrontation or rivalry between two groups or collectives. Each group defends its ideals and its interests oppose another collective group. It can be said that conflicts of interest were born with humanity itself. Conflict of Interest

classic examples

Workers normally organize themselves in some type of organization, for example, in unions or unions. At the same time, entrepreneurs create their own entities to defend their position. Between them there are generally conflicts of interest of various natures, mainly in relation to salaries, working conditions or other circumstances in the professional world.

The rulers of these nations must look after the interests of the citizens they represent. Your defense may conflict with other countries. Conflict of Interest

Environmental groups defend the natural preservation of a territory or the protection of some animal species. Their approaches collide with others, with those who exploit natural resources and need the infrastructure to put it into practice. Conflict of Interest

Establishments dedicated to nighttime leisure make a lot of noise, causing discomfort among neighbors.

Systems to resolve conflicts

Fortunately conflicts are solvable. For this, there are the courts of law . The figure of the judge is the one who decides which of the two parties to the conflict is right.

In the sporting context, referees and their respective authorities are those who have the competence to resolve any dispute, controversy or conflict. Conflict of Interest

In some professional fields there is the figure of a mediator of conflicts, such as in the health, environment and family sectors .

In the political sphere , diplomatic activity has the mission of avoiding conflicts between nations. Within the context of a country, it is in parliament where the representatives of the people debate their views.

In addition to people or entities whose function is to mediate to resolve conflicts, human relations seek to overcome conflict through dialogue, pact or consensus. Conflict of Interest

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