What is Conduct/meaning/concept/elaboration

Conduct is called a type of behavior common in time and that is related to the presented personality . Behavior can be good or bad depending on the beneficial or harmful circumstances that occur to other people. When a type of conduct is for the benefit of both the person showing it and other people, it refers to a virtue. On the other hand, when a type of behavior has negative consequences for those who maintain it or for others, it refers to an addiction. Another way to mention a behavior is through the concept of habit , that is, a behavior that has a certain recurrence over time.

Shaping a duct is sometimes not easy. In fact, the environment , natural events and the influence of exceptional circumstances make it sometimes a real problem to express the most convenient behaviors. However, its development is extremely important as it is somehow related to the future of the person in question. In fact, having good habits is essential and of great importance for a human being to develop in the best possible way. Failure in this task and the consequences can be disastrous. The aim of generating positive behavior is called pro-activity and is directly related to the ability to generate benefits for oneself and for other people. Conduct

The behavior of younger people can be considered by parents as an important issue and it certainly is. However, in childhood it is necessary to have a developed reasoning capable of being aware of the importance of monitoring bad behavior, it can be said that environmental factors have an important predominance in the behavior shown by children. In fact, if a child grows up in a harmonious and supportive environment, he is more likely to develop a balanced demeanor. Otherwise, it may show problems in this regard, problems that can have future consequences if they persist. Conduct

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the behavior that a person shows in daily life has great consequences on the trust that others express. In this sense, any behavior that is coherent between what is said and what is put into practice implies the benefit and the generation of trust.

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