What is Companionship/meaning/concept

There are social skills that show the generosity and altruism that exists in the heart of man: companionship is a clear example of how we can make life pleasant with others from small details. It is a gesture of companionship to help a co-worker who is late so that he can complete the task within the allotted time. People who are friends are an example to follow; a certain attitude can serve as a stimulus for all those who make individualism a maxim in their lives. The partner or friend realizes that they receive much more than they give when they help the other to overcome their limits. When a person is a friend, it means they havehumility to recognize that you need help at certain times.

A co-worker does not necessarily have to be your friend, however, this does not mean that the companionship relationship is not pleasant and positive. A good companionship provides motivation for a work team and also improves self-esteem .

There are sports that clearly show the value of companionship and are fundamental to the execution of collective goals: football is a clear example of how players must be united to achieve a common goal, in addition to any kind of vanity.

There are jobs where one of the basic requirements to have access to a certain position is to have the ability to work effectively in a team. In this case, being a good companion is a basic premise.

Those who are good companions avoid personal criticism and are always kindly supportive. They are people with a positive inner dialogue , that is, because they have a good relationship with themselves, they also have with others. Being a good companion is a learning experience that a person acquires throughout his life. Children tend to be companions at school where they start to interact with other children.

Anyway, a good companion is a human person like the others, that is, they also have mistakes and defects. However, your positive and receptive attitude is well accepted by others.

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