What is Communication/meaning/concept

Communication is an interaction between two people who seek to exchange information with each other. However, this exchange entails the emission of a set of data and its consequent reception. This leads us to highlight a series of elements that are always present such as the sender, the recipient and the message . Thus, the sender channels the information he wants to transmit to the recipient and, with that, the recipient decodes the message. This type of interaction can be achieved thanks to the participation of both sharing the same sign system .

Communication is an essential part of man’s capacity as a social being . We can say that most animals communicate in some way, whereas in humans this process shows a high level of complexity and versatility. Thus, man’s cerebral disposition made possible the development of his language and attitudes to understand others at a later stage of his life. The latest trends in language establish that all languages ​​respect a set of common rules, that is, that there are a number of common characteristics despite the diversity; this circumstance is genetically determined.

The previous approach leads us to believe that oral communication through language is a natural condition of man, as it has been present since his appearance on Earth. On the contrary, writing can be classified as a technology, that is, as the use of tools developed by man to represent orality; this one appeared five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia through the cuneiform. After that, writing showed an evolution with the use of hieroglyphics (in Egypt) and ideograms (in Asia). However, a real improvement that happens nowadays is the development of the alphabet, which consists in the use of graphic symbols that represent sounds.

However, communication is studied specifically and in detail by different currents of thought , as it is important to establish its limits and possibilities for the development of science and, moreover, its cultural achievements. So much so that the importance of the development of science, in this sense, tends to design forms of communication based on a special grammar and semantics that make the existence of ambiguities impossible.

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