What is Comic Con/meaning/concept

Pop culture lovers , who go beyond the world of comic books, know that every summer an international convention is held in the Californian city of San Diego. It is one of the most prestigious world events in the comics sector. It has been taking place since 1970 and as a result of this success, several editions are observed all over the planet. Comic Con

What can we find at Comic Con?

Every year the organizers try to outdo themselves with all kinds of events and activities. In most editions, assistants can participate in costume contests with costumes for famous characters. The latest editorial news appears and the great creators sign autographs. Themed conferences are held as well as prizes and rewards (Eisner Awards are considered the Oscars of the comic world).

As in any other event with these characteristics, film screenings, merchandising items sales, exhibitions of exclusive comic strip collections, film sales, movie studio reproductions or adventure stories, etc. are held. In other editions of Comic Com, different comic book subgenres emerged: manga, anime, fantasy, science fiction, black humor, war, underground, etc.

Comic Con attendees can find Star Wars products, fans dressed up as Superman, Batman, Iron Man or any of their favorite characters (the one who dresses up in fictional costumes is a cosplayer and everything around this world is known by the word cosplay , a contraction of costume play or character representation through fantasy).

For the event to be a success, it has the support of volunteers and participants must register online in advance. In recent editions the number of 100,000 fans has been surpassed (in the comic world their followers are known by the term fandom). Every year, participants can purchase an official Comic Con t-shirt. This fair is so popular all over the world that it attracts people from all countries and for this reason it is quite common to visit it after long hours of waiting.

Other similar international events

The passion for the comic is a phenomenon on an international scale and has thousands of followers. The success of Comic Con San Diego was exported to other countries. Thus, there are annual conventions such as Comic Con Flow in Argentina, Cos-Mo in the Italian city of Modena, Fan Expo in Canada, Puerto Rico Comic Con, London Film and Comic Con and New York Comic Con.

In Brazil , it receives the name CCXP – Comic Con Experience – being the largest in Latin America, where it has the luxury of comparing itself to the original in terms of assistance as a result of the intense culture that exists in the country and that accompanies the news that revolve around the

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