What is Coleoptera/meaning/concept

In the animal kingdom , the most varied species of beetles, also known as Coleoptera, are part of the Coleoptera order. This group has a number of shared morphological features. Thus, they are holometalobes, that is, the larvae are very different from the adult form; your body has an armor known as sclera; they have a powerful chewing device; they have two pairs of wings and the body is formed by three structures: head, thorax and abdomen. Coleoptera

The Coleoptera order is divided into four suborders: archestemados, adéfagos, myxophagous, and polyphagous. Anyway, it is the animal order with the highest number of species, since they surpass 360 thousand 

Normally males attract females with potent hormones and females do the same through pheromones.

The fertilized female is responsible for finding the proper place to lay her eggs. In some genera the females take care of the larvae.

Longevity is directly related to the size of the beetle (in some cases they reach eight years of life).

Its food can be omnivorous, herbivorous or carnivorous. As a general rule, it is a terrestrial animal that adapts to any type of ecosystem .

Before becoming an adult, the beetle goes through a larval stage in the form of a worm.

From an evolutionary point of view, it is one of the oldest orders of the animal kingdom, as it has populated the Earth for 300 million years. It is estimated that 40% of insects are beetles.

Your relationship with humans

Coleoptera do not pose a direct threat to people’s health. However, they can cause significant losses in forest resources and crops. Some species can be very favorable as they fight other invasive pests.

In ancient Egyptian civilization, the scarab or beetle was a deified animal, more specifically related to the god Khepri. It represented protection from the threat of disease. Coleoptera

On the other hand, its representation was used in the mummification process , since this animal also symbolized the idea of ​​resurrection.

In today’s popular culture it remains a symbol of good luck and for this reason there are ornaments and amulets in the shape of coleoptera. Coleoptera


Its size is very varied, ranging from a few millimeters to almost 20 centimeters in the case of the Goliathus beetle or goliath beetle. Some have a strange ability, as they can generate light on their own (this phenomenon is known as bioluminescence).

Not all beetles can fly

The dung beetle is the most common of the Coleoptera and is highly appreciated by ranchers, as it eliminates animal excrement and favors the creation of natural fertilizer. Coleoptera

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