What is Coitophobia/meaning/concept

The human being can suffer from fears of any kind. Some are logical and natural, for example, they have a specific logical cause. However, other fears are irrational. This is the case, for example, of those fears that exceed common sense and the will of those who suffer. In the sexual field, there are fears that can reach high intensity, generating panic, anguish and suffering. This is the case of coitophobia, which is a type of extreme and abnormal fear in relation to the sexual act.

From this perspective, a person who suffers from this type of fear is negatively prone to the idea of ​​making love, to the point of preferring to avoid it, as he associates this moment with the threat of a danger that makes him defensive. It should be pointed out that, in many cases, this irrational fear itself has a specific cause. This occurs in cases of those who had a traumatic emotional experience and were unable to overcome the pain.

How to overcome the problem

If a person has a fear of this kind it is recommended to start specialized therapy to identify the source of the suffering and develop personal resources to manage this conflict. It is noteworthy that the chosen abstinence is not associated with this fear.

Coitophobia can cause a person to completely reject any sexual gesture . You can even become paralyzed by this fear. The person suffers from unhealthy anxiety about sex. This pathology creates a great strain on a person’s mood, especially when he finds himself in situations that put him in conflict to make decisions of this type.

type of fear

There are many fears a person may experience in relation to sex, for example, the fear of doubt for the first time. However, the status of fears associated with coitophobia is accurate. For example, there is a giant fear, a kind of recurrent phantom in the mind of the affected person that terrifies his life. Generally, the person chooses to escape as a way to avoid those situations that cause conflict.

In addition, the suffering is usually doubled, as many people hide this fear out of shame or fear of others’ judgment .

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