What is Cognitive Process definition/cocnept

Processes can be external as well as internal to the human being. This is what happens in the case of cognitive operations. The knowledge process shows the  assimilation of an idea that promotes understanding of the world. Cognitive Process

Through this  assimilation of ideas, we exercise our mental faculties which are vital for our  human development. Mental faculties can also be seriously damaged as a consequence of certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, which shows progressive memory loss.

Types of cognitive processes

Without these cognitive faculties, human beings would be closed in on themselves. However, thanks to the intellect there is an opening. However, it should be noted that cognitive processes refer to external agents, but humans are also conscious beings who think about themselves and even about abstract issues, such as the search for happiness. Cognitive Process

There are different types of cognitive processes. One of the most important is language, our ability to communicate . The perception, the  assimilation of information , the reflection, the thinking logic, concentration and memory are examples of cognitive thinking.

Through perception, one of the essential cognitive processes puts in order the information we receive from external stimuli. Through our ability to fix our attention on a point, we have the power to connect with the now and capture the essence of anything.

What is memory?

Another cognitive process practiced in our daily life is memory. This power allows us to store memories and connect with them despite the passage of time. Memory is like a private chest that connects us with our life story. Everyone has a memory, however, some people are better able than others to remember specific data, for example, birthdays of friends and family. It should be noted that memory is also connected with emotions, because through it we can remember especially those situations conditioned to intense emotion. Cognitive Process

Memory plays a vital role, otherwise we would start the day from scratch. The film “50 First Dates” precisely shows the story of a young man who suffered from anterograde amnesia.

Cognitive processes refer to this fascinating intimate universe that arises within a human being, which may have an internal wealth of dreams, illusions and thoughts. Cognitive Process

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