What is Cinematography/meaning/concept

Cinematography is the technique for projecting sequential still images (frames) onto a screen at a speed sufficient for them to move into motion . Most of the time this term is only part of the world of cinema .

On the other hand, the cinema can be used more broadly in this case includes all steps relating to the process of production of a film as photography, and the projection assembly.

The beginnings of cinematography

On December 28, 1895, the Lumiere brothers made the first public projection with the demonstration of moving images. Thus, Louis and Auguste Lumiere contributed to the new type of invention: the cinematograph (an apparatus used to film and project moving images). Cinematography

Even so, this wasn’t the first time that someone had captured moving images, since a few years before the American Thomas Edison had also accomplished this feat with the kinetoscope. The difference between these two machines, and which would end up explaining the Lumiere’s success, was based on the fact that the cinematograph was much faster and more functional, so that it could capture and project images, differently from the other. Cinematography

The first films were based on two genres: fiction cinema and documentary

On the one hand, they projected scenes of everyday life filmed outdoors, such as passersby in the street, the arrival of people in a church, the daily lives of shopkeepers, among others. On the other hand, the scenes were produced indoors. Thus, it is worth highlighting the fundamental titles of this first period: “Exit of the factory workers” (1895) and “The arrival of a train at the station” (1895). Cinematography

the film industry

From the first works to the present, cinematography has become a gigantic industry that moves millions around the world.

The great studies of Hollywood are responsible in large part for the success of cinema as a commercial product, since throughout the 20th century global distribution bases were determined, in addition to the creation and promotion of the great stars. In another century of existence, cinema has become an instrument of cultural dissemination and entertainment of the first order. Cinematography

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