What is Choropleth Map definition/concept

The discipline that studies maps is cartography. This area of ​​knowledge refers to antiquity, when ancient civilizations had the need to prepare maps for the knowledge of the territory and for navigation. Choropleth Map

Any map has an obvious visual component. In addition to traditional physical and political maps, choropleths or choropleth maps are those that make it possible to know all kinds of data about a territory using different colors or shades. In the world of cartography, this type of map stands out for its quantitative significance.

These drawings allow the understanding of complex statistical data

Everything that is located in a territory and that can be measured, it is possible to turn it into a map of this modality.

Objective data are indicated by different colors. Thus, it is possible to know the age distribution of a country’s population, the distribution by ethnicity, the electoral results of a nation, the population density, the number of forest fires according to the affected hectares and the number of illiterates per thousand population.

Anyway, statistical data are shown on a map and to correctly interpret this information it is necessary to consult the legend that follows associated with the map (each color corresponds to a specific data and this relationship is expressed in an attached reminder known as legend). In this type of map, the enumeration units used are called chorograms. Choropleth Map

The data explained in choropleth maps are not presented in an absolute way, but in percentages or averages. These maps are especially useful for understanding the evolution of a phenomenon over time.

By observing a map of this particularity, it is easier to understand any type of subject

From an educational point of view, these cartographic representations have an evident didactic value. When studying a subject, it is more useful and practical for the student to distinguish a reality through colors than to do it through numerical analysis. In journalistic information and encyclopedias it is also very common to use this cartographic modality. Choropleth Map

Each type of map has a specific use.

The physical map is the representation of the geographic relief of a certain area. The division by countries or regions is carried out using a political map. Choropleth Map

Data related to temperature , wind or rain are expressed in weather maps.

The structure of the earth’s surface is projected on a geological map and to represent the areas of a terrain, a topographic map is drawn up . Choropleth Map

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