What is Champagne/meaning/concept

The French region of Champagne is the birthplace of one of the most internationally known beverages: champagne. As can be seen, its name as a drink is due to its geographical origin.

The drink of celebrations

Champagne is a yellow sparkling white wine containing carbon dioxide and is made using a rigorous method known in French by the word champenoise (one of the main foundations of this process is a second fermentation in the bottle to produce the characteristic foam ).

This drink has, above other considerations, a symbolic meaning, since it is associated with any moment of celebration, be it a wedding, an anniversary, an important family gathering, a romantic encounter or a party. Despite this, in recent years, champagne is also being used to accompany meals, as it can be combined with any type of food.

The types of champagne depend on the large amount of sugar used in its preparation

Brut nature contains three grams or less of sugar per liter of wine. Extra brut contains between three and six grams of sugar and champagne brut has the most grams of sugar, more specifically six and twenty. If the champagne has more than 20 grams of sugar it does not fall into the brut category , but is part of other categories such as sec, extra sec and demi-sec (the latter contains a maximum of 50 grams of sugar). After this amount, the champagne receives another name: doux or candy. The most common classification is brut and the least demanded is sweet.

Data of interest

– Champagne is a drink that can only be served cold and experts recommend that its temperature be between 14 and 16 degrees;

– With regard to the removal of the cork, it is recommended to screw it and avoid the traditional popping;

– When serving, it should be poured up to a third of the cup and let the foam grow, as this makes the flavor more pleasant on the palate;

– It is a drink associated with elegance and luxury. In this sense, characters such as Napoleon, Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel and Oscar Wilde were great appreciators of this drink;

– The brands Dom Perignon, Krug, Louis Roederer are the most prestigious.

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