What is Ceramic Pots definition/concept

The quality of food is the main factor when cooking. However, the material it is cooked with is also very important as this influences the taste and odor of the nutrients. Ceramic Pots

Main advantages

This material is actually a combination of clay and clay. Ceramic pots are highly valued by lovers of traditional cuisine , but also by those who prepare molecular dishes.

This material is especially tough and durable. When preparing food, heat is efficiently distributed. It is a very porous material, allowing excessive steam to escape and thus maintaining only adequate moisture to improve the cooking of food. Due to their porosity, some pans are coated with metallic substances.

Cookware with other materials

Aluminum ones stand out for their high heat conduction and for being very scratch resistant. Professional cooks use cast iron cookware as this material is durable and helps to prepare food evenly. Stainless steel pans are corrosion resistant and easy to clean. Ceramic Pots

Those made of copper are more resistant than those made of steel or aluminum. Although all materials have their advantages and disadvantages, the same recipe will have one result or another depending on the type of pan used.

The use of pottery began in the Neolithic

Human beings have known clay and the effects of fire on it since ancient times. Wet clay is very ductile and with it it is possible to make utensils in different ways. This material hardens when fired above 600 degrees centigrade and when it reaches 850, it undergoes definitive vitrification. The molded object acquires great strength. Ceramic Pots

This material is very abundant in most archaeological excavations and it is estimated that the first pottery appeared in the Ancient East around 7500 BC. C, after the development of agriculture and livestock. This technology was decisive for the social and cultural development of the oldest civilizations.

Currently, the ceramics manufacturing process has the same segment as thousands of years ago: selection and collection of raw materials , preparation and conditioning, molding, drying and baking. From the Iron Age on, a new element was introduced for its preparation: the potter’s lathe. Ceramic Pots

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