What is CEO/meaning/concept/elaboration

The acronym CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. It is a term originally used in the Anglo-Saxon world, in the business field, but today it is used all over the world. This term is equivalent to others, being considered the most common director and CEO.

The CEO is a position of responsibility in the organization of companies or multinationals, as he is the person who has the role of presiding over an entity with an executive dimension. In other words, he is the one who bears the direction of a company. In this sense, the CEO is the leader of a corporation and his main function is to optimize all the processes of an entity, in order to achieve the highest profitability . In this way, we could compare their characteristics with those of a conductor, since the CEO coordinates the different areas of a company: human resources , marketing, production , internal and external relations, etc.

Main functions

– He is responsible for establishing a line of action oriented towards success (he is the creator of the company plan, the Business Plan).

– Supervises the work of its direct employees, that is, the various heads of each area.

– Establishes the goals that must be achieved in the short, medium and long term.

– Promotes the values ​​of the company it represents.

– Resolve conflicts that have a strategic dimension.

– Synchronizes teamwork.

– It is the link between the investors of an entity and a team with specific functions.

The profile of the professional CEO

There is no prototype profile, but it is possible to mention some features that are very convenient. First, it is necessary to have solid knowledge related to business management . It is advisable to have a general education and not overly specialized. Naturally, it is necessary to know in depth the business sector in which you are operating.

In addition to accredited technical knowledge and sufficient experience, the CEO must be someone with certain qualities: charisma, empathy, commitment, confidence and self-control. For technical issues and personal skills to be combined, it is very convenient to include another dimension, moral authority .

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