What is Census/meaning/concept/elaboration

The census is a system that calculates or counts the individuals that are part of a population.

All countries have some technical and administrative procedure to determine the number of inhabitants, that is, there is a statistical control of the population

In this way, the census involves a certain number of people, as it is a quantitative and not a qualitative study . It should be noted that statistics establish a series of parameters and variables that are applied to the social analysis of the population: number of inhabitants, age, geographic distribution, nationality, etc.

The census is a statistical tool that serves to know the reality of a population and, consequently, to plan care strategies. A community‘s services depend on the number of inhabitants and their data to address all kinds of social or political issues.

The census concept can be applied to any sector of the population

In fact, there may be a census of entrepreneurs, foreigners, residents, adults, etc. In any case, individuals taking part in the census must be registered or standardized in advance.

Although the notion of census usually refers to a population, it is also possible to develop recount systems related to entities, groups , institutions or organizations .

the electoral census

A person can exercise his right to vote as long as he is part of the electoral census. Each country establishes the legal conditions and requirements necessary for individuals to exercise their right to suffrage.

Usually the global voter census calculation refers to the total number of voters in a population. It should be noted that, in general, it is from the age of 18 that an individual can participate in a vote to choose their political representatives.

The electoral census is an essential tool for the functioning of democracy. Control of this system serves to guarantee the political rights of society . Likewise, the control mechanisms applied to the electoral census are intended to prevent fraud in elections.

The electoral census needs to incorporate permanent review mechanisms, as the population involved is subject to constant change. The number of voters in a territory changes periodically because of deaths, births, changes of residence, in addition to the increase in the number of people of legal age.

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