What is Cementation/meaning/concept

The construction of any building needs basic structures to support and give stability to each type of construction. The elements that form a basic structure are known as foundations and their process as cementation. On the other hand, we speak of foundations to refer to the essential principles and ideas that form a reality : the foundations of a society , a religion or a business project. Cementation

Cementation in construction and its types

When constructing a building, the first aspect to be considered is related to the geological characteristics of the land. In this way, its composition, cohesion or water table is proven. At the same time, the loads that must be supported are calculated. With the data obtained, it is possible to determine which type of cementation is the most suitable. Cementation

Basically, there are three types of cementation: direct, deep and cyclopean. The former are those that support the most superficial layers of the land and are usually used for buildings that do not involve excessive load. The second ones are carried out in strata located deep in the soil, as this ensures a greater load capacity, for example, in the construction of a bridge, deep cementation is used.

Cyclopean cements are those used in concrete structures that do not require earth moving. Other types of foundations are insulated foundations (which serve to build shallow pillars) or run-down foundations (which serve to cement rows of pillars or structural walls).

Ideals and values ​​are the foundations that build a reality

The action of building can be understood from a material point of view or from an immaterial plane. In either case, something can be built from a fundamental foundation. There is no building without cement, just as there is no project without a solid foundation to support it.

If we think about society as a whole, it can be said that its foundations are: a political model that regulates coexistence , traditions and customs, in addition to moral norms and an economic system that allows the survival of individuals. Cementation

If we take the Christian religion as a reference, its main foundations or pillars are the Bible, the existence of God, salvation and faith. In the field of medicine, its cementation is reflected in the Hippocratic Oath which, in a nutshell, states that the patient’s health is above all and the physician’s duty should be directed towards the cure and prevention of disease.

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