What is Cellulite/meaning/concept/elaboration

Cellulite is an alteration of the subcutaneous tissue that affects a high percentage of the adult female population . It should be noted that cellulite is not always related to excess weight, as thin girls can also have areas with “orange peel skin”.

The thighs are especially vulnerable to this aesthetic aspect. The skin is a very important part of the body and the appearance of cellulite often affects the self-esteem of those who suffer, especially in the warmer months when trips to the beach and pool are more frequent.

orange peel skin

There are no miracle treatments for cellulite to disappear permanently, but there are therapeutic measures to reduce its presence or aesthetic visibility . There are also anti-cellulite products in gel or cream form that are sold in pharmacies or supermarkets. To deliver visible results it is essential to apply constantly.

Furthermore, the appearance of cellulite can worsen when there is a lifestyle marked by a sedentary lifestyle and an unbalanced diet . Sudden changes in weight can also increase the risk of orange peel skin. Not only external hydration should be applied through body creams, but also internal hydration. Water is the best drink for its cleansing value.

The practice of aerobic exercise is also a good measure to prevent the appearance of cellulite. This metabolic disease can also affect men, however, women are usually the ones who suffer the most.

Causes of cellulite

Other factors can also favor the appearance of cellulite, for example, wearing very tight clothes that oppress the body

Likewise, tobacco is another agent that harms the smoker’s health in this regard. Stress is one of the biggest enemies of our time, and it can alter blood circulation.

Those people who work for a long time on their feet are also more vulnerable to this aesthetic and health problem. Genetics is another element that must be taken into account, since cellulite can be influenced by a hereditary component, if other family members have also suffered in the past. Furthermore, hormonal changes are another element of risk.

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