What is Catharsis/meaning/concept/elaboration

The word catharsis comes from Greek philosophy. Distinguished authors such as Aristotle have already addressed this issue. Catharsis refers to the release of passions, that is, the expression of inner feelings that cause a feeling of full freedom and purity. It also refers to a fact that marks a turning point in a person’s life , as well as a series of emotions and feelings from an event generated by a chain of reactions in the emotional world. In this case, true catharsis happens when a person is able to release all these inner emotions.

Catharsis is also linked to the effect of a drama. In this way, the human being can experience it through art. For example, when a film is unleashed an emotional disorder because of the empathy of a spectator in relation to history. The spectator projects his feelings and emotions on the main protagonists of the film and, in this way, manages to bring out his true emotions.

Through this process , the human being feels better about himself, releases everything that harms him internally and recharges his emotional energy thanks to the internal expression that arises from freedom.

Catharsis is an emotional release that arises from compassion and fear. Two emotions with an immediate effect. Greek philosophers consider that the human soul is purified through compassion and fear, these move the spirit and create a whirlwind of sensation.

Although catharsis is related to fear and compassion, it is worth noting that the process of purification of passions can also start with laughter, because of its high therapeutic liberation power: a person who really laughs at a given moment feels better with herself to the point of being able to put aside for a while all her worries, anxieties, fears, anxieties and any kind of inner discomfort thanks to the well-being that comes from a good and sincere laugh. Catharsis has a high anthropological and therapeutic value.

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