What is Catalog/meaning/concept/elaboration

In general terms, the term catalog refers to an organized or classified list of any type of objects (coins, products for sale, documents, among others) or people. Catalog is the set of publications or objects normally classified for sale.

However, the concept is popularly known as a business publication whose primary purpose is to promote the products or services that a company offers described in a catalog.

Often, the catalog ends up being the best and most organized way that a company has at hand when it comes to presenting the products it manufactures or sells to the world. Generally, the catalog consists of images of the products or services offered by the company and which may be accompanied by short descriptions, such as the price or some of the main benefits of the product. After all, the catalog is nothing more than a visual communication displayed or produced.

Although catalogs are normally used to present all of a company’s products, they can also be used only for individual and detailed presentations of a particular product being offered for sale.

O catálogo é tratado como uma comunicação visual, assim como um ponto de encontro entre a empresa e seus potenciais clientes. É por isso que além de apresentar o produto ou serviço com toda sua pompa visual, suas funções, materiais e especificações, trata-se de uma boa oportunidade para apresentar a empresa, mostrar quem a fundou, seus funcionários, seus objetivos, suas principais tarefas, suas instalações, suas formas mais tradicionais de contato, entre outros dados inerentes à empresa.

Another issue to be taken into account when preparing or designing a catalog is its basic objective, because if the idea, for example, is just to publicize the company’s monthly offers, then it’s not worth spending a lot on it (with the paper, care of the text , etc.), can be done with simpler paper and without much care in the design, however, when the idea is the special presentation of a product or service, higher quality features should be considered in the moment of its elaboration.

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