What is Cataclysm/meaning/concept/elaboration

There are several natural disasters. Hurricanes cause destruction through the intensity of the wind. Earthquakes can devastate an area as a result of the Earth’s internal movements. Lava from volcanic eruptions destroys everything in front of it. Torrential rains cause floods and all sorts of consequences in the affected territories. All these catastrophes are considered cataclysms. Cataclysm

In this sense, the cataclysm refers to any situation that generates destruction and disillusionment, usually accompanied by victims and injuries, as well as a series of undesirable consequences such as the destruction of the natural environment, power cuts, landslides, etc.

When catastrophe affects the entire planet

Some natural phenomena are devastating, but at first glance and immediately they don’t seem to be. This is what happens with the problem of the ozone layer, a natural phenomenon caused by human action that can be considered an authentic planetary cataclysm.

The concept of cataclysm does not refer exclusively to natural disasters and their destructive capacity.

It can also refer to serious situations in which society as a whole finds itself in a dramatic situation.

Here are some examples of social cataclysm:

– The 1929 crisis had its origins with the fall of the New York Stock Exchange and triggered a situation of initial panic, and in later years the entire planet suffered its consequences: inflation, poverty , unemployment, economic crisis, etc.

– The civil war in Syria, which started in 2011, resulted in massive population displacements, refugee camps, border problems, in short, a generalized upheaval.

in the sports world

In the language of sports journalism , one speaks of a cataclysm when a team or an athlete suffers a defeat that has great repercussions for society as a whole. For example, the so-called “Maracanaço” that took place at the Soccer World Cup played in Brazil in 1950.

In the final of the championship, played at the Maracanã stadium, the teams from Brazil and Uruguay faced each other. Brazilians were the favorites, but the Uruguayans were the winners. This football defeat was interpreted as an authentic national cataclysm.

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