What is Calzone/meaning/concept/elaboration

Calzone is a typical Italian dish, specifically Neapolitan. Calzone is very similar to pizza, as it is the same dough used in the base of the pizza. Its appearance is similar to an empanada.

It is a dish with several names: calzone, stuffed pizza, pizza calzone, among others. For Neapolitans, it is known as panzerotto, cazzotto or fried pizza.

A peculiarity of the calzone pizza

Although the traditional pizza and the calzone pizza are almost identical in many ways, especially in the ingredients used, it should be noted that there is little difference between the two: the filling of the calzone pizza is not cooked in an oven, whereas the traditional pizza is. This is because the calzone is covered and the ingredients are cooked without using the oven.

main ingredients

The ingredients with which a calzone is filled can vary, but the common ones are cheese in its various forms (for example, mozzarella and ricotta), ham, minced meat, vegetables, tomato and oregano. These ingredients combine with the intention of creating a fusion of flavors and textures.

Like traditional pizza, one of the secrets of calzone is the quality of the dough: made with flour, warm water, yeast, salt and olive oil.

Calzone arrived in America with Italian immigration that emerged in the 19th century

Calzone pizza and Italian food in general are internationally recognized dishes. This phenomenon is not due to a marketing campaign, but is related to the wave of immigration by Italians, especially those from the South to the American continent .

Southern Italy in the 19th century was in deep economic and political crisis . This fact made thousands of men and women look for a more hopeful horizon outside their country. Most Italians chose two destinations: the United States or Argentina. Italian immigration to Argentina had a very significant influence on culture in general and gastronomy is very evident.

Argentines are passionate about pizza calzone, but they also inherited tomato sauce, pizza Margherita and pizza canchera from the Italians (the latter was so called because it was originally sold near soccer fields in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires) .

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