What is Cacophony/meaning/concept

When people speak, they make grammatical errors and use words inappropriately or have some communication addiction . One of the most common addictions is cacophony. It consists of using a phoneme in a repetitive way, either in oral expression or in writing. It should be noted that the excessive use of a word or sound generates some distortion in communication and, therefore, cacophony is considered a language addiction .

In relation to the etymology of the term, the cacophony word comes from the word Greek “Kakos”, meaning bad and “pone” meaning sound or voice. Euphony, on the other hand, is the opposite phenomenon, since the prefix “I” means good, that’s why euphony means that the sound of words sounds good.

Examples of cacophonies

It should be based on prior consideration: there is no precise rule regarding cacophonies, as they are simply words or sounds that are not appropriate to their sound.

When we say “The box and the box fit well”, we can observe that there is a repetition of sounds and this causes some difficulty in the pronunciation. In the prayer “Ana ama o Amador” there is also a cacophony, because in this case the presence of the letter “a” is noticed in excess. Other examples would be the following: “In a nest of smugglers there are six smugglers; whoever defuses them will be a good de-fuser”. “Quadrilha explodes bank and uses human shield”. All these examples have one feature in common: the sound of the phonemes is shocking and causes some difficulty in pronouncing and understanding the message .

How to avoid cacophonies

One of the most frequent cases of cacophony happens with the word that, due to its repetitive use, generates a lack of harmony , for example: “What do you want me to do”. This sentence becomes loaded with the letter “that” and therefore could be expressed in another, less aggressive way “Tell me what I do”. This example reminds us that to avoid cacophonies it is advisable to use an alternative message.

It should be noted that we can say or write something in many ways and cacophony is a poor form of communication, so it is convenient to resort to messages whose sound is not adequate. For example, instead of saying “Ana goes to Acapulco” it would be better to use “Ana’s destiny is Acapulco”, since in the first sentence the letter “a” has an excessive repetition.

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