What is Bureaucracy/meaning/concept

It is often exposed as a headache when giving the impression that a simple complaint or request for a document never reaches its destination, in any case, there are countless approaches to the obstacles caused. Bureaucracy should be precisely an improvement of administrative issues based on techniques and methodologies, but unfortunately sometimes they are misinterpreted either out of ignorance or because they really don’t want to help. The term derives from French and Latin and refers to a government office. However, it is misinterpreted when referring to costly and inefficient procedures that delay problem solving rather than providing better solutions.

Every organization formed by human beings needs a system in order to efficiently fulfill the objectives that justify its existence. Thus, the administration of resources , the establishment of positions, the elaboration of processes are an indispensable part of this pursuit of objectives. However, when procedures and forms are no longer a means to an end, they begin to generate more problems than solutions. In this way, the term bureaucracy is associated especially with the State , as it needs a great amount of procedures and norms at the moment when some type of action is requested. The private sector tends to be more sensible in this regard, as it is based on obtaining benefits, an objective that makes its action versatile.

Max Weber was a fundamental theorist in dealing with bureaucracy. He referred to it as a form of organization based on procedures governed by norms. It also established a hierarchy for people according to the task performed. In this case, the tasks assigned to employees in function of your training technique and its performance in compliance with the rules and certain rules, as well as the disciplinary codes and existing regulations.

Another theorist in addressing this issue was economist Ludwig Von Mises, who highlighted bureaucracy as a rule of law far from reality . In fact, he dedicated this entire problem to the action of the State, which can never be compared with the efficiency of the private initiative led by businessmen. Thus, for the economist, the jobs offered by the state do not demonstrate people’s potential as the plethora of regulations stifles their own initiative.

Years of experience demonstrate the exact appreciation of the harmful role that bureaucracy plays in the state. In fact, its regulations and procedures are often costly in economic terms, where they should be reduced as much as possible.

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