What is Buffet/meaning/concept/elaboration

When we go to a restaurant, we evaluate a number of aspects: the type of food we prefer, the price we can afford and the modality of service . In relation to these modalities, the restaurants have several versions and one of them is the buffet. It consists of distributing hot and cold food so that the customer can decide what he wants to eat, in what quantity and at a previously established price. In this way, the customer can eat whatever he wants without any limit and pay for a fixed price. As a general rule, buffet restaurants include food but not drink.

In addition to the variety of dishes to choose from and the price set in advance, the buffet is characterized by self-service, as the customer is in charge of serving himself the food and picking up the dishes and cutlery that he will use. For this model to work comfortably, food is distributed in sectors: hot dishes, salads, desserts.

This type of service can be presented in several ways:

– In most hotels during breakfast;

– Certain establishments combine breakfast and lunch, that is, a brunch;

– There is buffet in the afternoon, gala and evening;

– With specialized food (there are buffets of any gastronomy ) or with international cuisine.

From the point of view of the organization of the establishment, there are two possibilities for distributing food: tables against the wall or an island-shaped table (also known as a free table). These options have a purpose: to move the customer in a certain direction and not in a disorganized way.

The right type of customer

Luxury restaurants and fast food are designed for a customer profile. The same is true with a buffet. This option is valid for people who want to eat a lot and for those who don’t want a surprise when paying the bill. Buffets are not suitable for people who prefer to be served comfortably at their tables or for those who eat little.

The term buffet is an example of the importance of French cuisine

The word buffet comes from the French and originally refers to a type of table. Over time this term was used to refer to this restaurant.

Anyway, the term buffet reminds us that the terminology of French gastronomy is present in the world of cuisine and restaurants. We cannot forget some terms such as gourmet , mise en place , maitre, mousse, croissant, bistro or barbecue; all of them French, but internationally recognized.

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