What is Brotherhood definition/concept

The word brotherhood comes from brother. It means that the person is blood-bonded through one or both parents. The word brother is in the semantic field of related words: sister, brotherhood and brotherhood.

The idea of ​​brotherhood expresses a relationship between two or more people. In the case of siblings, the relationship is consanguineous and usually affective. However, when several people have close emotional ties, it is also possible to speak of brotherhood between them, as they behave as if they were brothers, that is, they help each other and have a feeling of affection.

On certain occasions, the concept of brotherhood is presented as a desire among individuals in a group, and it is even customary to say about brotherhood among men as a synonym for brotherhood and good coexistence .

From an institutional point of view, there is brotherhood between cities, they share common elements, usually of the historical type.

the religious brotherhoods

Another variant of this concept is manifested in the religious field. A religious brotherhood is a group of people who share certain beliefs and values ​​related to some religious aspect.

In the Spanish and Latin American Catholic tradition there are brotherhoods created to adore a saint or Jesus Christ in the traditional Holy Week

The members of a religious brotherhood are exclusively linked to any cult (for example, a religious image) and have different activities and professions. They share a feeling, a faith, and other irrelevant considerations.

From a popular point of view, brotherhoods are very similar to brotherhoods, but there is a fundamental difference between them. While in the brotherhood there is a plurality of individuals ( social , economic or professional), in the brotherhoods the associated people share a profession (for example, a fisherman’s brotherhood). This difference is formal in character and has a historical sense. In fact, over time many confraternities became brotherhoods.

From another perspective, some religious orders use the word brother to refer to members of a community , something similar that occurs with another type of non-religious entity, as shown by Freemasonry. In both cases, the members of these associations try to live together in brotherhood.

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