What is Bronze Age definition/concept

During prehistory there was the so-called Age of Metals, a period that meant a qualitative leap in the history of metallurgy in particular and technology in general. This period follows from the Stone Age , when humans began to manufacture cast metal objects to replace tools made from stone. The Metal Age has three different phases: the Copper Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age .

General characteristics of the Bronze Age

This period of prehistory took place between 1700 and 800 BC. C approximately. Its name has an obvious reason: the utensils used in daily life were made from a mixture of copper and tin, from which bronze is produced. This metal is harder than copper and because of that it was very useful for making resistant objects, especially weapons. Bronze Age

It is believed that the invention of bronze took place in the Middle East and this territory gradually expanded. One of the consequences of the use of this metal was the emergence of the Mycenaean civilization in Crete, as the Aquean soldiers occupied this territory thanks to their bronze swords, which were more resistant than those of their enemies. On the other hand, bronze production intensified trade and cultural progress across the Mediterranean. During this period, the people who dominated the manufacture of bronze became a powerful and prestigious people.

The search for tin mines for the manufacture of bronze became a strategic issue for the various peoples who tried to impose themselves militarily. Bronze Age

Bronze technology was introduced in all activities of daily life: in crafts , in the manufacture of weapons and in the ornamentation of funeral rites. Bronze-based technology is essential for understanding the social and cultural changes that have taken place in Europe and Asia. It should be noted that in metallurgical societies there were profound changes in everything related to the specialization of work .

From a purely artistic point of view, bronze sculptures were the most characteristic creative element of this period.

from bronze to iron

Bronze replaced copper and over time it was replaced by a new, even more resistant metal: iron. The Iron Age is the period of prehistory prior to the appearance of writing. Iron technology revolutionized the manufacture of utensils, especially those that were used in military, agricultural and livestock activities. Bronze Age

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