What is BREXIT/meaning/concept/elaboration

The term Brexit is an English acronym that combines two words, Britain to refer to Great Britain, and Exit which means exit. In this way, this union of words forms the word BREXIT, which refers to the departure of Great Britain from the European Union .

On June 23, 2016, British citizens were summoned to a plebiscite to decide whether they wanted to remain part of the European Union or, on the contrary, they would opt to leave it. After the voting day, the British decided to leave the European Union (No victory was 51.9%).

The political and social debate for and against BREXIT before the referendum

Great Britain was part of the European Union for more than four decades. However, their situation had some peculiarities: they kept the pound as currency and did not incorporate the euro, in addition, there was a part of society that did not positively value the fact of belonging to the European Union.

There are several reasons that the Eurosceptics claimed and allege to disassociate themselves from the European framework:

1) A reversal of British national sovereignty in favor of Europe and an anti-European feeling in some sectors of society;

2) Rejection of European immigration policies;

3) Weakness of the welfare state as a result of the large number of immigrant population that needs to be served.

The supporters of following in Europe had and still have their arguments:

1) Great Britain is stronger inside Europe than abroad;

2) Leaving the European framework can cause economic and financial instability;

3) The European Union is the main socio-commercial of the British and leaving Europe means changing status with unpredictable consequences.

Consequences after the referendum

The result of the vote does not mean that Britain will leave the EU immediately, as for two years it must negotiate the specific conditions of its disconnection. However, analysts indicate that the effects could be as follows: decline in Britain’s GDP; devaluation of the pound (which has already taken place); a divided civil society ; a possible contagion effect in other European countries (an example of this fact has already occurred among the Scots, who demanded a second referendum, as the majority decided on the permanence).

All these consequences create a picture of uncertainty between the British and the whole of Europe. The authentic and definitive repercussions of BREXIT will become evident in the coming years.

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