What is Bones of the Hand definition/concept

The hand is a structure of great importance for the organism, since it is the tool with which we carry out a multitude of activities. Bones of the Hand

It is made up of several structures. Musculoskeletal standpoint, are composed of a group of muscles distributed so that allow all their amplitudes movement comprising the fingers and the region of the palm and wrist .

These muscles must be leveraged into a group of bones, which reach a total of 27 distributed between the wrist and hand.

carpal bones

The carpus is the part of the hand that corresponds to the wrist. There are eight bones there, distributed in two rows.

The upper row, which articulates with the bones of the forearm (ulna and radius), has four bones:

Scaphoid It is the largest bone in this row, it is located next to the thumb and articulates with the radius bone. This bone often fractures in hand injuries. Bones of the Hand

Semilunar. It is located on the inner side of the scaphoid, gets its name from its half-moon shape .

Pyramidal Located next to the semilunar, shaped like a pyramid. Articulate with the ulna bone.

Pisiform. It is a small, rounded bone located behind the pyramid. It can be palpated as a bump on the back of the wrist, next to the little finger.

The lower row articulates with the metacarpal bones and consists of four bones:

Trapeze. It is a cubic-shaped bone located between the scaphoid and the second metacarpal, which corresponds to the index finger.

Trapezoid . It is a small bone located next to the trapezius bone.

Big bone. It is located inside the trapezoid. It is the largest carpal bone, which helps give its concave dome shape to the front. Bones of the Hand

Hooky bone. It is the innermost bone in the second row of carpal bones. It gets its name because it has a hook-shaped prominence that is located in line with the prominence of the pisiform bone above.

metacarpal bones

This structure is formed by five bones, called metacarpal bones. Unlike carpal bones, pasterns are elongated in shape, with a slight swelling at both ends.

There are a total of five metacarpals. The first metacarpal corresponds to the thumb, the second to the index finger, the third to the middle finger, the fourth to the ring finger and the fifth to the little finger. Bones of the Hand

finger bones

Fingers are formed by bones called phalanges. Each finger consists of three phalanges, with the exception of the thumb, which only has two. These are named as follows:

Proximal Phalanx: Corresponds to the superior phalanx and articulates with the corresponding metacarpal bone.

Middle phalanx: Located in the middle of the index, middle, ring and little fingers, the thumb does not have a middle phalanx. Bones of the Hand

Distal phalanx: Located at the end of the finger, it articulates with the upper middle phalanx.

hand bones

Thus, we see how the 27 bones that make up the hand and wrist are integrated: 8 carpal bones, 5 metacarpals, and 14 phalanges. Bones of the Hand

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