What is Bones of the Foot definition/concept

It’s a complex structure . It is formed by a series of muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood vessels that are supported by a bone structure composed of 26 bones, distributed in three regions: tarsus, metatarsal and fingers. Bones of the Foot

tarsal bones

The tarsus is the back of the foot, forms the heel, and is known as the throat of the foot, whose function is to join the leg and allow movement.

The tarsus is composed of 7 bones, two in the posterior part and five in the anterior part, these are:

Astragalus (or talus). It is the bone that allows the foot to articulate with the leg bone called the tibia.

Calcaneus. It is located below the talus forming the heel. This bone is subjected to mechanical overloads capable of causing the formation of a hook-shaped bony prominence, called a calcaneal spur, which is a common cause of heel pain.

Scaphoids. This bone is located in front of the astragalus. It is a transition between the two main bones of the posterior part of the foot and the anterior part of the tarsus.

Cuneiform bones. These are three wedge-shaped bones that lie between the scaphoid and the metatarsals of the first four toes. They are distributed in an arc shape. Bones of the Foot

Cuboids. It is a small cube-shaped bone located on the outside of the third cuneiform, next to the little toe. It articulates from the back with the calcaneus and from the front with the metatarsals of the fourth and fifth toe.

Metatarsal Bones

The metatarsal is the front of the feet, located between the throat of the foot and the toes. There are five long bones known as metatarsal bones. These are called by numbers, the first metatarsal being the one corresponding to the big toe or big toe. The others correspond to the second, third, fourth and fifth metatarsals.

Unlike in the hand with their metacarpal counterparts, the metatarsals are not lined up side by side. Instead, they are distributed in a downward concave arch that forms the vault of the foot, which is necessary in order to have a plantar arch. Bones of the Foot

in the toes

The toes are formed by small bones called the phalanges. There are three on all fingers, except on the big toe, which has only two phalanges.

The phalanges are named according to their location as proximal phalanges, which correspond to those articulated with the metatarsals, middle phalanx and distal phalanx, the latter being located at the end of the finger.

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