What is Blacklist definition/concept/elaboration

When an individual or any collective is considered dangerous, disloyal, subversive or contrary to certain interests, it is very likely that their name will end up appearing on a list of disgraceful people. This type of record is popularly known as a term: blacklist. These two words are the translation of the English blacklist. As a general criterion, those who make this type of listing have the objective of harming those who are included in it.

If all people are to be considered equally, the use of a blacklist is a form of discrimination. Generally speaking, the elaboration of an inventory of “dangerous” people follows secret reasons and, therefore, this classification cannot be officially known. There may be blacklisting in different contexts.

in the political field

In totalitarian regimes, political dissidents and groups labeled as subversive are actually persecuted, anyone the government deems potentially dangerous for any reason. It should be noted that in democratic systems these records are also produced, but are part of “state sewers” or irregular government practices.

In the United States, during the period known as McCarthyism, people “disloyal” to the government, especially those labeled as leftists, were blacklisted or blacklisted. Among them stood out famous actors like Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, film directors like John Houston and even writers like Ling Lardner Jr. are several movies that have this reality historical, “Trumbo: the Hollywood blacklist,” “closed curtains ” or “Witch Hunt”.

In email communications

When sending emails, some messages do not reach the recipient because the IP of the sender of the message was entered in a blacklist. This causes the email to end up in a spam or junk folder.

in everyday life

In colloquial language we also use this designation. Thus, we say that someone is on our blacklist when we imply that this person is part of our group of enemies.

Black color usually describes negative situations.

Colors are associated with ideas and feelings . As a general rule, something black is labeled as black when it has some negative characteristics (we say, for example, that “we have a black day” in those cases where unpleasant situations occur throughout the day).

However, in the marketing world, there is a black friday, a day when traders offer huge discounts (the origin of this expression is related to black numbers, those that are opposed to red numbers, which are equivalent to losses from the point of view accounting).

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