What is Black Moon definition/concept

The term refers to an astronomical phenomenon. This phenomenon happens when the moon cannot be seen on Earth because of the effect of sunlight, as the sun’s glare makes the moon’s visibility impossible. In other words, the position of the moon in relation to the sun is imperceptible to the human eye and this makes one speak of the black moon. It should be noted that the Moon is the Earth’s inseparable companion in space, as both planets revolve around the Sun at the same time.

Moon and Black Moon Phases

In its orbit around the Earth, the moon receives sunlight and only a part of it is visible and illuminates the Earth. The phases of the Moon are as follows: new, crescent, full and waning. These changes happen when the Moon revolves around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun, so the light that falls on the Moon is not always the same.

The phases of the Moon are the different illuminations that pass through the terrestrial satellite and that make a complete circle around the Earth.

In this sense, the periodicity of the lunar phases makes it possible to calculate when a black moon, also known as a dark moon, will appear. During this period, sunlight is located at the back of the moon and this causes us to see it completely black. Regarding its duration, this phase lasts for three days.

With astrology

When we approach this concept from the parameters of astrology , we are facing a much discussed reality from a scientific point of view .

The first references to the Black Moon are found in Babylonian mythology and Jewish scriptures.

In these reports the black moon is associated with the occult and mystery, on the other hand, this lunar phase is symbolically represented by Lilith, the first wife of Adam. These accounts were later incorporated by astrological descriptions of horoscopes. Thus, it refers to the hidden emotions and everything that remains in the depths of the human spirit.

In astrological language , the black moon is related to the dark and sinister side of the human being, as well as to everything that goes beyond the rational. In this way, when an astral chart is read and the black moon appears, the interpreter of the chart refers to the existential emptiness or lack of true emotions.

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