What is Black mamba ( Mamba-negra) definition/concept

This snake of the Elapidae family lives in the savannas and hills of southern and eastern African countries. This animal is perfectly adapted to the natural environment, since its long body is completely camouflaged by the bush. Black mamba

Its name Mamba-negra does not refer to the color of its scales, but to the black color of the inside of its mouth. Its body measures about 4 meters in length, can reach a speed of 20 km/h and normally lives 11 years. The human being is the only enemy of the black mamba.

Data of interest

  • – It is one of the deadliest animals on the African continent . Among snakes, it is one of the most lethal in the world.
  • – Its poison attacks the nervous system of its victims and with the doses of poison from each bite it can kill up to fifteen people.
  • – Females are very selective when mating.
  • – Between both sexes there are no visible differences, as their size is very similar. Black mamba
  • – Males approach females through their powerful sense of smell (the mating period occurs before the rainy season).
  • – Males and females do not form stable pairs and only come together during the heat period.
  • – Females incubate eggs inside their bodies for approximately two months (the number of eggs laid by each female varies between 10 and 25).
  • – The black mamba usually hides in tree trunks or in some abandoned den. Their dens are hot, dark places.
  • – Snake hunting specialists seek to reduce conflicts that can affect human beings.
  • – These snakes are highly valued in the exotic species market.
  • – When the shape of your tongue remains open it means you are feeling threatened.
  • – It has excellent eyesight and thanks to it they are effective when attacking their prey.
  • – Its body mechanism for maintaining temperature is comparable to a solar panel (the snake takes the sun to attract energy and the action of heat stimulates its metabolism ). Black mamba

Black Mamba’s attack is usually deadly

The effects of its bite are lethal to humans. By attacking the central nervous system causes a rapid reaction: First, produces a feeling of tingling in the hands, then the vision is blurred and there is loss of muscle control, as well as increased body temperature and, finally, there is a widespread paralysis accompanied by seizures . Black mamba

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