What is Biosynthesis/meaning/concept

Generally speaking, the concept of biosynthesis refers to the reactions that take place in an organism in such a way that the simplest molecules are transformed into molecules or biomolecules of greater complexity. For this to be possible, an energetic transformation is necessary . Thus, biosynthesis, also known as anabolism , is a process through which an organism’s cells invest the energy received in the construction of new cellular structures.

An illustrative example

In simpler terms, we can explain biosynthesis as follows. If a person eats a plate of rice, a part of the energy obtained will be used in daily activities such as walking, talking, etc., but if they do not use all this accumulated energy, larger molecules are built, for this reason, the excess energy stored in the form of food causes weight gain.

Following the same example, when eating rice, the starch contained is transformed into glucose molecules and these molecules are conserved in the form of glycogen in the liver. This entire process is called biosynthesis.

Fatty acid biosynthesis

Excess glucose in the diet becomes fatty or fatty acid and accumulates in the liver. This acid creates adipocytes that transform into adipose or fatty tissue and, at the same time, produce triglycerides, which are specific fatty acids.

The anabolic process in bodybuilding

If we take into account that biosynthesis and anabolism are equivalent terms, it is worth remembering the main idea of ​​the anabolic process that occurs among those who practice bodybuilding. Athletes who practice this discipline are divided into two groups : those who develop their bodies naturally and for that they exercise their bodies and eat healthily or those who use anabolic steroids to grow.

Anabolics are synthetic substances that alter male sex hormones, for example, testosterone. This type of substance allows muscles to grow beyond normal. However, the use of anabolic steroids has negative health consequences: the appearance of acne, breast enlargement in men, liver or heart problems, as well as sexual problems.

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