What is Biological Architecture/meaning/concept

There is more and more ecological and environmental awareness about the importance of protecting the environment to also protect the human being’s quality of life , which is in constant development. No doubt , the buildings built on large populations are an example of how, at times, you lose the balance between the environment natural and buildings. Biological Architecture

a home of harmony

For this reason, new disciplines emerge that focus precisely on this issue. Leverage healthy values ​​in architecture so that building is not synonymous with destroying the natural environment. Specialists in biological architecture seek the sustainable balance of building buildings that respect the environment, as this would be good for the human being.

For this reason, the dream house is one that not only fulfills an aesthetic criterion, but also an environmental one, as the impact of construction habits with a non-positive purpose is enormous .

This concept of architecture seeks to resolve this permanent conflict between human beings and their surroundings, showing that the real key to success is finding a denominator that brings benefits to both elements of this equation. Biological Architecture

Sustainable architecture

Thanks to a sustainable project, people can have a happy home to feel fully developed as a human being and create the home of their dreams in an environment of well-being, as well as being located in a place that offers them a beautiful View. Without your house harming the landscape in any way.

There are many elements to study before starting the construction process. In addition to specifying the location, it is important to use good quality materials that respect the environment, just as it integrates natural energy sources . Biological Architecture

For example, the biological architect can decide which is the best direction for a house to take advantage of natural energies. And it depends on certain factors like the sun or the wind direction. Many of the materials used in this type of construction are non-toxic and therefore, thanks to their essence, take care of the environment.

Sustainable architecture adapts perfectly to the needs of the human being of the century. A society in constant development, but to be truly human, it must take care of the planet. Biological Architecture

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