What is Bibliography /meaning/concept

If we start from the etymology of the word bibliography, we already have a precise definition of its meaning. It comes from the Greek biblos and means book, while spelling means writing. Thus, bibliography refers to written information related to books.

When carrying out some work or study in which it is necessary to consult a series of books, it is convenient and almost necessary to cite the information sources, that is, the texts that were consulted for their elaboration. In this sense, what is talked about are bibliographic sources.

The purpose of the bibliography is to facilitate the reading of a text so that the reader knows where the information comes from.

Also, it is a way of clarifying which information is not original from the author of the work, but which is part of another text. Likewise, citing the bibliography used is a way of expressing rigor in the research process and giving credit to the reliability of the consulted data.

Formats and Recommendations

There are several ways to prepare the bibliography. Despite the diversity of methods, there are a number of general recommendations. On the one hand, the mention of the original document is specific in its own language. The author of the book normally cited must be noted before the title. It is common to note the year of publication, the name of the publisher, the edition number and the city from which it was printed.

This information can be found at the end of the book or at the bottom of each page, so that you can easily consult the bibliographic source (a number for each item is the most common form). This type of procedure is applied to chapters in a book. The important thing is to facilitate the information, respecting a homogeneous , coherent criterion and that the type of format used is accepted as valid .

In the academic world, bibliography must be subject to certain norms of the scientific community

In this way, it is possible for the information to have shared parameters and at the same time be useful. For this reason, ISO standards collect the established standard to carry out a correct bibliography. The ISO 690 standard is currently in force.

In addition to the data already indicated, there are a series of rules that must be respected when making a bibliography: punctuation marks, abbreviations, typeface, use of boldface, etc.

Even beyond the norms, customs and general rules related to bibliography and bibliographic citations, the writer is faced with some doubts that are not easy to resolve because there is no manual to follow: what should be cited, how often and what are they the necessary recommendations.

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