What is Bar Mitzvah/meaning/concept

In Judaism, it is believed that an individual male is no longer a child and becomes man when he meets 13 years. This age is not chosen for a capricious reason, as there are written references in the Torah that indicate 13 as the beginning of adulthood for men. To celebrate the passage from childhood to adolescence, Jews perform the Bar Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah.

Understanding the Meaning and Value of the Bar Mitzvah

When a child becomes a man means you are a person adult and which must assume responsibility for their actions. Therefore, before 13 years of age, those responsible for the child are his/her parents and from this age onwards, the young person must begin his/her path as an adult man, with his/her duties and obligations .

According to the Hebrew calendar , the celebration starts the night before and this reference is what determines the Bar Mitzvah. This means that the young man’s thirteenth birthday is based on the indications of the Jewish calendar.

Before the Bar Mitzvah the young man of the Jewish religion must prepare himself spiritually and practice the ritual of the ceremony of his majority age. From this day forward, it can already be integrated into liturgical acts, for example, the reading of the Torah in the Synagogue.

A transition ritual

With the Bar Mitzvah a 13 year old is declaring that the Torah will become his spiritual guide. It can be said that with this ritual each young person begins his journey as an adult and everything that involves this event.

In some communities there is a custom to cover the head with a kippah and after reading a biblical passage there is a party among the participants of the event and the young person receives the compliments and gifts for becoming an adult member of the Jewish community.

In most cultural traditions there is a ritual that expresses the passage from childhood to adulthood

Young Australian aborigines are sent to the desert for several months to survive on their own and when they pass this test they are considered as men.

In the Western world, some young women celebrate their fifteenth birthday with a gala that is intended to symbolize their entry into adulthood as a woman.

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