What is Azar/meaning/concept/elaboration

Something happens by chance when it happens unexpectedly, that is, there is no objective cause to explain such phenomenon. Azar

The idea of ​​bad luck contrasts with the concept of necessity . This difference between the two terms has given rise to a broad philosophical and scientific debate .

For some, bad luck doesn’t exist, it’s simply the lack of knowledge of the cause that provokes a fact

On the other hand, certain positions defend that some events do not have a concrete reason, they simply occur and are the product of bad luck, something fortuitous. One of the classic debates about this concept is the existence between determinism and bad luck, a moralistic polemic related to the idea of freedom . In biology, the explanation of nature’s mutations is regarded as unlucky, a kind of unpredictable accident. In mathematics there is also an attempt to explain bad luck through probability theory (there is a difference between the determinate and the random). Azar

In other areas of knowledge, bad luck also presents itself as a problem. Our theoretical explanations (such as meteorology) try to predict what will happen, but this prediction is approximate, as there is no absolute one, since there is doubt in any type of research, that is, bad luck can occur without being predicted.

Misfortune is also associated with other concepts: fate, luck and fortune

This means that there are situations in life that man cannot control and that precisely involves bad luck. In a way, human knowledge has sought to reduce the role of bad luck, since by increasing our knowledge, the intervention of accidental casualties is reduced . Azar

There is a mysterious component to bad luck, the psychological feeling that something very unlikely mathematically might happen to us. This is what happens with games of chance. Azar

There are several meanings that explain this concept.

On the one hand, the term bad luck is associated with philosophical reflection and scientific knowledge. At the same time, bad luck is linked to good or bad luck, as in a lottery prize or in an announced disgrace.

Finally, if we add the suffix ado or ada to the word unlucky, it creates a new aspect to the term, since unlucky life is one that is full of unforeseen events, adventures and risks. Azar

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