What is Aurora Australis/meaning/concept

The phenomenon of the aurora australis can be defined by the brightness and luminous rays of the night. There is a wide variety of colors that, from the point of view of color therapy, change their entity suddenly.

The universe is one of the most fascinating environments of admiration for human beings, for this reason it is very important to contemplate the sky with the firm conviction that great treasures are hidden in it, as shown, for example, by the southern dawn.

In a society where many people have become accustomed to making the extraordinary in the form of selfies, heaven reminds us of the value of what is truly magical. And the aurora australis is a gift the color of heaven, a natural spectacle that projects the beauty of a universe in harmony .

a show of colors

The original form of the aurora australis is that of an arc, which independently gains strength and spreads out over the infinite horizon. Cycles in an east to west orientation. Around midnight, the hue of the southern dawn is even more intense. The duration of a phenomenon with these characteristics varies, and it can be very short or, conversely, extend for a longer time to contemplate the natural spectacle.

Astronomers are specialists who analyze everything that happens in the universe, the life that takes place in space. In addition, there are many passionate astronomers who enjoy this art by participating in planetarium sessions .

From a terminological point of view, it is worth noting that the polar aurora receives this name in the northern hemisphere and the aurora borealis receives this name in the southern hemisphere. The aurora australis is also called the southern lights. This natural phenomenon is located in the southern part of the Earth and the best time to see this spectacle of color is from March to September.

From where you can see the Aurora Australis

Due to its excellent location , some places are especially suitable for viewing this colorful universe, for example, in New Zealand. The best place to see this spectacle is Antarctica, due to its excellent geographic location.

Without a doubt , the universe contains secrets with a natural charm for the human being.

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