What is Audiology/meaning/concept/elaboration

Health is one of the pillars of human well-being. However, the concept of health is divided into several specific medical specialties. Audiology refers to the discipline responsible for diagnosing possible hearing problems. In addition, this discipline has the preventive function of giving useful advice so that we can take care of our ability to listen optimally over time. Audiology

For example, it is worth avoiding constant exposure to loud noises since noise contamination is one of the factors that most affects the sensitivity of the inner ear , producing some kind of alteration.

hearing problems

There are many ways in which audiology takes care of people’s hearing health. The use of corrective hearing aids is a clear example of how a person who has difficulty hearing can improve their quality of life through this highly developed device. Audiology

In addition, there are several causes that can lead to ear problems: frequent exposure to loud noises, genetic causes, injuries, etc. Audiology specialists are those who, through diagnosis, offer the most appropriate treatment.

There are different methods to assess a person’s hearing. It should be noted that the direct influence that exists between the quality of listening and personal relationships is fundamental, since communication problems are common in people with undiagnosed hearing problems and as a result of this limitation they end up closing in on themselves same. Audiology

Hearing loss that occurs at various levels of gradation and intensity is called deafness. Some types of hearing loss can be treated using a hearing aid. In others, people learn sign language .

Advice for hearing care

Anyone who suffers from a clogged ear usually caused by wax goes to the doctor to have it removed. It is important not to use homemade cotton swabs. Turn down the volume on the television and radio, your ears will thank you. After getting out of the shower, dry your ears gently with a towel to remove moisture. Audiology

In addition, preventive hearing tests developed by the ENT are a good test to assess possible hearing failures. This test is always important, even more if there is a family history that increases the genetic risk of suffering a disease of this type. Audiology

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