What is Atheist/meaning/concept/elaboration

An atheist is a person who does not accept the idea of ​​the existence of God. So atheism is the intellectual stance that defends this thesis.

Faced with the idea of ​​the existence of God or a superior being, there are three types of possible attitudes: a believer (one who believes faithfully in God), an agnostic (one who is not sure of the existence of God) and an atheist ( which denies the existence of God).

Strong Trends

Not an exact way to proclaim yourself an atheist. A person can consider himself this way for an intellectual reason, since there are no objective reasons or concrete proofs that demonstrate the existence of God. It is possible to be a combative atheist, that is, to radically oppose the dogmas of theism or simply to show indifference (a position similar to agnosticism). Usually the atheist is the one who explains reality without resorting to God’s intervention , since he is convinced that life can be explained through rational and scientific parameters.

Some atheists lack faith, as they do not claim clear motives or arguments against the existence of God (or gods), simply because they do not believe in this concept. The atheist assumes that the human being does not have sufficient capacity to affirm something deeply in relation to God. These ideas and assessments are some of the characteristics of followers of atheism.

An atheist may refuse arguments favorable to God, but at the same time he shares certain values ​​of religion.

This posture is compatible because it doesn’t make sense for a person not to believe in God and to be in agreement with the culture or with the moral issues of the religion.

Logically, from the perspective of a believer, the atheist is wrong because he does not value the signs and evidence that supposedly demonstrate the certainty of the existence of a creative deity .

Atheism has been persecuted at many times in history

At present there is no general attack on people who defend atheists. It can be said that there is a tolerance in relation to the different religious postures on the planet. However, in some parts of the world, the atheist is a suspect and contrary to the dogmas accepted by a part of society .

In the case of the United States, this relationship with atheism is quite peculiar. This nation claims to be linked to God (the oath of loyalty to the nation and its flag expresses the following sayings “one nation under god”, that is, a nation ruled by God). There are some who do not share this idea and propose a change “one nation under Constitution” which means a nation governed by the Constitution , this means that the country cannot be linked to God but to constitutional laws.

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