What is Astrology/meaning/concept/elaboration

Astrology is knowledge based on the relationship between the constellations of the universe and individuals. It is an ancient discipline that even today still has supporters around the world, although the scientific community does not recognize an authentic dimension in this knowledge . Astrology

Among all the constellations of space, only 12 are part of Astrology, belong to the zodiac and correspond to the twelve months of the year. The knowledge of the zodiac was attributed by the Chaldeans and Assyrians, approximately 1000 years BC However, this astrological knowledge is universal, as there are countless civilizations that use this type of knowledge, from which we can highlight the Mayans, Aztecs, Hindus, Incas, Druids, Greeks and Romans.

From the structure of the zodiac, a striking and suggestive idea was created: the fate of individuals and the direct relationship of character with the position of each sign of the zodiac Astrology

The countless groups of stars (called constellations) were described by man because he considered their existence through subjectivity, that is, they do not exactly exist in the sky, but are in our minds. For example, the constellation Sagittarius does not have a unique shape, just like in Pisces, Aries and Capricorn. Even when we perceive a different shape, it is our visual perception .

critics and followers

Astrology has two clearly differentiated and radically opposed postures. There are those who are convinced of the link between the zodiacal star groups and man’s destiny and character. On the other hand, there are those who defend an unfounded, false knowledge that is based on a belief without any empirical basis. Astrology

Advocates of astrology consult the horoscope or ask an astrologer to make their birth chart and thus confront the designs of the stars. Critics ask questions about the truth of these claims, for example, they question the seriousness and strength of the stars in relation to the lives of human beings.

In addition to these different positions on the certainty of astrological knowledge, there is a third option: there are those who consult the horoscope with skepticism, but at the same time are curious to know what can happen to them in relation to love, at work and in the financial field. Astrology

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