What is Astrobiology/meaning/concept

Astronomy is the scientific discipline that focuses on the study of the universe : its origin and evolution , as well as its constellations and galaxies. Biology studies everything related to life, that is, it is the set of processes that explain a given phenomenon associated with life in any of its forms. Both sciences were grouped into another area of ​​knowledge: Astrobiology.

The main objective of the research

Astrobiologists are trying to answer one of humanity’s riddles: Are we alone in the universe? Life on our planet acquires all kinds of forms and expressions , but it becomes unknown if in other places in the universe there are other forms of life.

In the field of Astrobiology, specialists are faced with all kinds of questions. It makes sense to think that life on the most distant planets takes the form of microbes, hybrid organisms that combine the biological with the electronic or directly with extraterrestrial beings.

The study of extraterrestrial life depends largely on knowledge of life on our planet.

In the search for extraterrestrial life there is a previous question that still does not have a definitive explanation: how did life on Earth come about? If there is ever a definitive answer, there will be more information about life elsewhere in the universe.

The Earth’s position in relation to the Sun, temperature levels and the presence of oxygen to breathe are the essential conditions that allow the development of any type of life, from single-celled organisms to large mammals.

Finding liquid water in a star would be a clue to astrobiology scholars

Astrobiologists believe that wherever there is water it is possible to think of the existence of some form of life. This discovery has already taken place on some comets, on Mars and on the moons of Saturn, but the water found appears in the form of ice and this circumstance reduces the probability of finding life in any form.

On the other hand, the study of geological erosion on other planets is another area that astrobiologists are investigating in their search for ways beyond our planet.

Astrobiology is a relatively new discipline, as it emerged in the mid-twentieth century. The answers of the future may be decisive for humanity to inhabit other planets.

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