What is Asthenia/meaning/concept/elaboration

When we are tired for no apparent reason, dejected and without any energy, it is very likely that we are suffering from asthenia. Etymologically this term comes from the Greek and means lack of strength.

This physical discomfort is quite common, especially in adults and among women. As it is a general weakness of the organism, asthenia also causes the feeling of mental fatigue. It can be said that asthenia affects the individual as a whole and implies a decrease in vitality.

In any case, the most revealing symptom is one in which the fatigue typical of asthenia is not preceded by an intense physical activity that can be justified and which, after a reasonable period of rest, is still manifestly depressed.

Causes, diagnosis and treatment

The causes of asthenia can be different. Pregnancy and physical and hormonal changes are one of the most common causes. The situations of anxiety, sedentary lifestyle and stress are circumstances that, on certain occasions, are at the origin of the fatigue state .

There are certain diseases associated with the symptoms already described, such as fibromyalgia, anemia, heart failure and hepatitis

Some medications may be involved, as well as some drugs, alcohol and substance intoxication. Given this variety of possible causes, it is necessary for the physician to make an accurate diagnosis.

If asthenia remains for a prolonged period, it can become chronic and therefore is known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with or acronyms CFS. To determine if it really is this disease , a differential diagnosis must be made that excludes other pathologies with some similarity in relation to the various symptoms: infections, heart problems, neurosis, among others. Doctors recommend a rigorous analysis of the patient’s lifestyle so that they can know if there is an objective cause of the asthenia.

An important aspect of your diagnosis is the possible weight loss that accompanies the state of fatigue

Another peculiarity of this pathology is its measurement, where some doctors use certain numerical tables to establish the degree of tiredness from a physical, mental or emotional point of view.

The symptoms of asthenia or CFS are generally varied and fluctuating, even though in most cases there is a worsening in the stress situation, both social and labor.

Regarding the proper treatment, there are several lines of action. Moderate physical activity, some vitamin supplement containing iron, psychotherapy in certain cases, and a change in the patient’s lifestyle are recommended.

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