What is Assertiveness/meaning/concept

Assertiveness is a concept commonly used in Psychology , which expresses personal quality and the ability to communicate adequately with others.

There are individuals who have problems communicating, they don’t know how to say no and have a passive activity

Conversely, others take a more aggressive stance when relating and create frequent conflicts in their personal relationships. The assertive attitude is one that expresses a middle ground between the two parties involved. Thus, when someone acts with assertiveness, they are able to defend their ideas without submission, avoiding conflict, in a sincere and positive way, with authenticity and all this in a fluid way.

It is said that assertiveness is a personality trait translated into effective and pragmatic communication . Anyone who manifests this characteristic can be considered a balanced person , self-assured and who knows how to adapt to possible conflict situations.

The assertive individual knows his limitations, accepts them and knows how to positively manipulate them

One of the areas where this quality is most useful is in the professional world, where it is relatively easy to come into conflict with other people. For this reason, company human resources departments try to select individuals with assertive behavior.

It can be said that a person is assertive when there is a connection between his feelings and ideals, as well as with his communication. If these two spheres relate properly and sincerely, the end result will be a healthy and satisfying relationship. It can be considered that this quality is synonymous with mental health and emotional balance.

It is a quality that can be learned, for this it is important to know yourself, avoiding self-deception and distortion of reality . People with these characteristics have mindsets that are contrary to the simple idea of ​​winning or losing, as it is believed that this type of thinking is incorrect and ineffective. Psychologists and specialists in this conduct emphasize the value of assertiveness, as this is one of the best personal strategies to adequately project our personal, professional or social life .

The idea of ​​assertiveness as a line of thought or communication strategy is relatively recent and is part of the psychological tradition of recent decades. However, deep down, it is a classic concept, as it refers to the balance and harmony between our thoughts and our actions, something treated by the thinkers Plato and Freud.

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