What is Asbestos/meaning/concept/elaboration

Asbestos is a natural mineral, more specifically formed from magnesium silicate. It is extracted from open pit mines and due to its characteristics it can be transformed into a type of fiber used in various construction-related applications. In its popular version it is known as asbestos.

a health hazard

When asbestos fiber comes loose from some material, it becomes potentially dangerous, as it floats in the air and can reach the interior of our body. Once inhaled, it lodges in the lungs and over time it produces lung diseases such as COPD. It is also the cause of mesothelioma, a type of cancer that affects the body’s cells and each year causes more than 100,000 deaths worldwide.

The effects of asbestos are especially uncomfortable for the body and people who die from its inhalation suffer from severe pain.

Where is it located?

Houses built before 1975 are likely to include asbestos, so many people are in danger and don’t even know it. We can find this material in all building elements, such as thermal insulation, boilers, pipes, synthetic tiles, window mass, roof materials, cement fibers, among others.

Despite public authorities in most countries prohibiting its use in the construction sector, old buildings remain in danger. On the other hand, they continue to be used in illegal constructions and in underdeveloped countries. Research was carried out on the materials used in the manufacture of boilers, detecting asbestos in some cases. In any case, its total elimination comes at a very high cost .

Certain manufacturers claim that it is not a dangerous material, but there are associations that continue to fight for this material to cease to be developed

In the Canadian region of Quebec this mineral is mined and manufacturers claim it is completely safe and innocuous. They also emphasize that asbestos is not dangerous if handled correctly and with adequate safety measures. However, certain associations of those affected by asbestos raise their voices and try to make this material totally prohibited.

The Canadian city of Sarnia has clear proof of its harmful effects: there is a public monument that remembers all the people who died from inhaling asbestos. Although there are no official figures, it is estimated that thousands of people have died in recent years.

According to recent information, the Canadian government will definitively ban the production of asbestos from 2018 onwards.

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