What is Artificial Intelligence definition/concept

Is there intelligent life on Earth? Sometimes, just watching the news on television, I have no doubt that human beings are really intelligent, at least for the most part. But if we take into account an academic definition of the term, the human species is intelligent. It has always been dreamed of creating an artificial intelligence . But what exactly is it?

We can understand artificial intelligence as algorithms that materialize in computer programs and that, in turn, execute certain hardware and try to imitate the way the human brain works .

Basically, artificial intelligence acts by imitating what the human mind does, in addition to being able to “perceive” what goes on around it, process information and draw conclusions, as well as speculate new arguments that were not pre-programmed.

To date, scientists involved in this issue have not been able to create an artificial intelligence in general, but have opted for a specialized artificial intelligence.

That’s because today’s existing equipment isn’t powerful enough for the amount of computation needed to perform all the tasks that could be included in general artificial intelligence. Hopefully, this issue can be solved by quantum computing.

A typical example of artificial intelligence dedicated to a specific sector is chess programs

There is a confrontation with your human opponent’s movements that lead to unforeseen situations, which cannot be collected in algorithms, but which require some improvisation.

This improvisation is achieved based on the rules that process the captured information , so that the decision to move depends on the “understanding” of the situation.

Another example is intelligent systems that carry out analysis and observations on a particular subject. In the case of the stock exchange, these systems analyze the data to try to predict the future behavior of the securities put into play, which they are able to buy and sell at the right time to make a profit .

Another issue to address the concept of artificial intelligence is neural networks, from which algorithms and machines try to simulate the behavior of neurons in the human brain

Nowadays we are surrounded by these intelligent systems that have inherited the concept of artificial intelligence even serving specific tasks, however, we are often not aware of its function , for example, the touch area program for writing by hand on smartphones (it is impossible a program with all the strokes to create all the letters of all the people in the world).

Another example is the automated telephone answering systems that we request to explain a problem, which are answered by an employee or any other person.

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