What is Arthrosis/meaning/concept/elaboration

Osteoarthritis is a process of destruction of cartilage and joints. It is, therefore, a deterioration or degeneration of these parts of the organism. Arthrosis

It should be noted that the joints move normally because the synovial fluid that lines the cartilage facilitates their movement. Arthrosis occurs when cartilage loses part of its thickness and elasticity. As soon as this joint wear starts, it is common to have some mechanical type suffering due to dehydration in the affected area. Dehydration causes wear that is accompanied by inflammation in the joint .

The degeneration process develops in three different phases

In the first (called fibrillation) the cartilage loses its natural elasticity. In the second (called cracking) the cartilage amortization zone is perceived. In the last phase (the ulceration) the loss of cartilage thickness intensifies, causing calcification that begins to affect the bone that is attached to the joint.

There are several parts of the body where the incidence of this pathology is higher: in the knees, hands and hips.

Causes of arthrosis and prevention

In relation to the causes that can cause this disease , it should be noted the following: there are genetic character of causes, since there are people with a little thick cartilage in function of their biological inheritance, and this circumstance is decisive. There are mechanical reasons why a physical therapist can help with your correction. Overweight is also possibly directly related to arthrosis. In the same way that an undue or excessive physical activity would be another type of cause.

Rheumatic diseases are usually accompanied by arthrosis. Elevated muscle tensions are a potential factor as they compress the cartilage. A concrete example of muscle tension is that it often occurs in the cervical area and because it does not affect overweight, but this mechanical muscle tension ends up becoming a triggering factor for arthrosis.

Regarding its prevention, there are some recommendations that can be useful. First, avoid obesity and eat a balanced, healthy diet. It is advisable not to play impact sports in people with the first symptoms of arthrosis and not to exert excessive mechanical efforts. Finally, it is advisable to strengthen the muscles in order to minimize the weakening of the joints.

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