What is Area 51/meaning/concept/elaboration

The so-called Area 51 is a US military base that is located just over 100 km from the city of Las Vegas, in the desert of the state of Nevada, more specifically in a place called Groom Lake.

Secret tests and confidential investigations are carried out at its premises. Obviously, this is a place that cannot be visited by the public and is subject to strict security controls .

From a military security point of view, the US government asserts that it is absolutely necessary that activities carried out at the military base remain hidden.

What’s really in this place?

As they are military installations, it is not known with absolute certainty what is in them and what activities are carried out. In this sense, military secrecy has aroused all kinds of speculation.

It is stated that in Area 51 there is evidence related to the presence of extraterrestrials on our planet

It is even said that there are live aliens that are subjected to all sorts of tests or that they may be imprisoned.

They say that there is a book whose content is related to the secret plans and that only a few have access to it.

The supposed book of secrets could be related to Freemasonry. It is also said that underground in Area 51 is a secret city.

The various assumptions related to this place have fueled all sorts of conspiracy theories. They even claimed that the truth of Area 51 surpasses human imagination.

From a historical point of view

In the 1950s this military base began to be built, but until then the American society was totally unaware of its existence. In this sense, it was not until the year 2003 when the US government officially recognized that this ultra-secret facility existed.

It is said that, in 1947, when an alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed in the city of Roswell (New Mexico) its remains ended up in Area 51, where all kinds of tests were carried out.

The Roswell episode is still being debated 70 years later and even then there are different theories about the fact. Regardless of what actually happened, the city of Roswell has become a tourist center that attracts UFO enthusiasts.

For some historians, the advances made in Area 51 were decisive during the period of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

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