What is Appropriation/meaning/concept

Appropriation is one of the many nouns that come from a verb, in this case the verb to appropriate. In general, we say that there is an appropriation when something passes from one owner to another. So when you say “my friend has taken over my bike” it means that something has changed ownership. Obviously, this action can be within or without the law.

cultural appropriation

In cultural terms, an appropriation occurs when one culture absorbs another. This phenomenon can happen in several contexts:

1) in border areas, where two communities have close ties and one of them ends up imposing itself on the other;

2) in situations of political domination , in which one country appropriates another through an occupation and submits it in a political and cultural way. Appropriation

3) in the globalized world, the dominant Western culture is associated with a certain appropriation of minority cultural traditions.

In the business field and in relations between the state and citizens

Companies compete with each other within a market of free competition . In this context, it is common for a company to take ownership of customers through some strategy (for example, through more attractive prices for consumers or through a good marketing campaign). In this type of situation, the appropriation is absolutely legal.

A state may appropriate an individual’s assets for various reasons: because his assets were seized or for the general interest (for example, an expropriation of land). Appropriation

in the legal field

In legal terminology it is common to use the concept misappropriation. This is normally said when, after a contract or agreement, a good or capital needs to be returned because it is included in the contract. If this does not happen, a crime of misappropriation occurs. Among economic crimes, misappropriation is the most common, along with fraud and forgery. Appropriation

in the field of philosophy

Some philosophical approaches believe that through language humans appropriate reality . Thus, language allows us to communicate and transmit ideas and feelings , as well as being a mechanism to understand the world as a whole, that is, our mind appropriates everything in the world. Appropriation

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